“One of the tactics of domestication of nature is rationalization”...”Geometrization converts matter into a gridded surface, measurable for the optimization of its use, whether of natural resources or human labor forces"
Beatriz González-Stephan
After moving to the U.S., my childhood home burned down. This was both a tangible and symbolic experience that erased most of my physical memories in my home country, Venezuela. This have me a heightened sense of nostalgia, and I inevitably started seeing the landscape of the Midwest in comparison to the one in Caracas; finding allegories, similarities and differences.
Controlled fires, or prescribed burns, are practices that remove unwanted species that threaten native ones within an ecosystem. In this work I see the landscape as an allegory to explore how ornamental, invasive, fruit, and endemic species can become symbols of this social transition. Using a reinterpretation of Venezuelan flora, I hope to encourage the viewer to understand that the manufactured landscape I have recreated is as artificial as the colonial hierarchies that can be unnoticeably perpetuated. 
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